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About Us

Astoria NY Furniture is a reliable New York source for high quality, beautiful designed furniture at low prices.

We do delivery to most places in the five all NY boroughs and we also provide expert assembly of our pieces. Astoria NY Furnniture has many years of experience in the furniture industry.

We represent the most popular brand names in designer furniture, both foreign and domestic. Our products are enjoyed in celebrity homes and other high-end settings and many pieces in our selection have been featured on HGTV.

. Whether you need to have a room fully furnished by next day, or you need to have your furniture assembled upon delivery, we can do it.

We do delivery on 1-3 business days, that's one of our standard services. Astoria NY furniture provides a great  home service  by a real expert designer with excellent communication skills. Our selection can fit any room and any budget.

  Our team is working  to reach the highest standards, reasonable prices, and of course, excellent service.

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